Power Rangers Interlude 2: "Race to the Volcano"

(AKA : Turbo, A Power Rangers Adventure)

(C) 1997 The Midnight Crew, Ltd.

All characters and monsters in the movie are (C) 1997 Saban Industries, and are

used without permission.

(Now that I've seen the movie, I feel like changing it.)

Prologue: Zeo's End

The Super Zeozords, Zeozords and Pyramidas continued to fight bravely, even after Trey took

over as the Gold Ranger from Jason, who left to ponder his future. Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, who had recently retaken their castle, were surprised by the knowledge of another evil force on another planet. Even so, they were winning the battle with the Rangers at this time, and hoped

to destroy the Zeozords before conquering Earth.

Rocky was still worried about the upcoming charity martial arts tournament, and lost focus, as the

Super Zeozords continued to attack, followed closely behind by the Zeomegazord, Pyramidas

continued to fire blasts of golden lightning, stunning the newest creations of Lord Zedd, as the

Red Battlezord, and Rainbow Zeozord brought up the rear. Robert stood ready to call the

Super Rainbow Zeozord, and sighed, recalling the last time he had seen Bill and Sandy in action...

Flashback - exactly two months ago

Robert and Melissa double-teamed the monster, as Bill and Sandy continued to dive at it, firing at

it with everything they had. Suddenly, the monster fired, blasting the Rainbow Zeodragonzord

out of the sky, injuring Bill and Sandy. Robert leapt out of the Super Zeozord, and attended to Bill and Sandy, as Melissa continued to fight. "Are you okay?" Robert asked, pulling Bill and

Sandy out of the wreckage. "I think so," Bill responded, as Sandy coughed. "I don't think we're

cut out to be Rangers anymore, Bill," Sandy commented, "I just want to go back to Rio and live out a normal life." Robert sighed, and responded, "Don't worry, we'll be fine. I know you'll be back someday." "May the power protect you," Bill commented, as he and Sandy were teleported back to their home in Rio, leaving Robert and Melissa to fight alone against evil once again.

Robert sighed as he watched the battle continue. Suddenly, he noticed that Rita Repulsa channeled a blast towards the Zeozords, causing them to break into their seperate units. Trey was hit next, and Pyramidas stopped. The Super Zeozords were then pulled out of battle, as Robert wondered what was going on. "We were winning the battle, Zordon, what happened?" Robert

asked. "My interplanetary scanners have picked up a long-lost wizard who holds a golden key,"

Zordon responded, "that can unlock a deadlier force than Zedd and Rita. I am currently storing the Zeozords until they can be used again." Trey's voice was the next to be heard. "Zordon, if you will permit me to take the Super Zeo Gems back to Triforia for safe keeping, I will be honored to return if needed." "Trey is right," Melissa responded, "the Super Zeozords didn't even scratch the monster." "Something isn't right," Rocky responded, "it's not like us to not destroy

a monster quickly." Zordon saw no problem in Trey taking the Super Zeo Gems back to

Triforia. As soon as Pyramidas was repaired, Trey removed the activating power given to the

Zeo Gems, and the six gems returned to Pyramidas. "I shall return, Rangers," Trey responded.

As soon as Trey had left, the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber.

At the Power Chamber, Melissa and Robert sighed deeply over the loss of their Zeozord, as Kat, Tommy, and Rocky said goodbye to their zords as well. Tanya looked around, and then recalled

something. "Guys, I just remembered something," Tanya responded, "Jason and Kimberly are returning to Angel Grove." "Kimberly and Jason," Tommy responded, pausing briefly over

Kimberly's name. Katherine sighed, as Robert commented, "Old flame."

Adam then remembered that he had to start practicing for the tournament, and teleported away,

as Katherine left to take the Little Angels shelter children on their field trip.

"I guess we still have our Zeonizers to fall back on," Robert responded, sighing, looking at the

six Zeo Crystals, still powering the Power Chamber. Melissa nodded, as she decided to watch

Adam practice. "I'll join you," Robert responded, as they teleported away.

Meanwhile, on another planet, events were taking place which would change the Rangers as we

know it...

Part I - The Legend of Lerigot

On a distant planet [Linia] resides the kindly wizard Lerigot, who possesses the golden key, that

unlocks the great power of Maligore. Currently, he is being pursued by the evil forces

of Divatox, who wants Lerigot to unlock the secret of Maligore so that she can marry

him. Together, the two forces can bring an end to any planet. However, Lerigot knows

of one such individual that can help him. An individual that is on the planet Earth, to where

Lerigot must escape. - Intro to movie, misquoted.

Lerigot ran as fast as his small legs could carry him, as the metallic warriors [Pirannatrons] of Divatox pursued him over the terrain of his home planet of Linia. The captain of the forces shouted, "He must be brought alive to Divatox!" as the horse-backed soldiers continued to trample their way towards Lerigot. Lerigot thought he was surrounded several times, and refused to hand over the golden key he possessed. As the soldiers closed in on him, Lerigot tripped, and the magic key fell out. "So," barked one of the soldiers, "Lerigot falls at the mighty hands of Divatox!"

Lerigot stood, took his staff, and cast a spell. As the warriors watched, Lerigot became a ball

of golden energy, and shot off from his planet, hoping to arrive on Earth. "We must tell

Divatox what has happened," responded the captain, as the warriors returned to Divatox's


Minutes later, Divatox shouted at her minions, "Idiots! Do I have to do everything myself!

I ordered you to take the wizard Lerigot alive, and you failed! I need him to open the portal

to Muranthias, so that I can find Maligore!" Elgar, Diva's cousin, then appeared, "Diva,"

Elgar responded, "I am tracking Lerigot. He appears to be heading towards Earth."

"He must be after someone who can help him save the golden key," Divatox responded, "but I

have my own mission there as well: I must find the perfect sacrifices for my husband to be.

They must be pure, good humans, and there must be two of them." Looking at her crew, and her

right-hand monster, Rygog, Diva issued orders. "Prepare to teleport to Earth," Diva commanded, looking at the skull-like robot. "Make sure that you fight the right humans, bolt-brain," she responded to both Elgar and the monster Rygog. "Yes, your highness," responded Elgar, as the submarine teleported away from Linia, and headed to Earth.

Lerigot's spell was a bit off, but he did arrive on Earth. In fact, he arrived in Central Africa, and

was surprisingly safe, perched in a bird's nest. Two baby birds looked at him, and began to peck

at his feet. Suddenly, Lerigot fell over, and landed on the ground. Looking up, he noticed the bright rays of the sun, which were even now weakening him. A lion arrived, looking for a meal, but he was turned away by a blast of magic from Lerigot. Lerigot began to traverse the hot

plains, as a woman looked at him in awe. This woman, who had been in Africa for several years saving animals, began to wonder if there was any connection between him and her recently-forgotten friends, the Power Rangers. Sighing deeply, she returned to her village, wondering how

Tanya was doing.

(Guess who I wrote into the script, folks?)

Meanwhile, Tommy, Rocky, Jason and Adam were practicing for the tournament, which would take place in just three days, on June 19. Robert and Melissa watched on, as they wondered

how Katherine was doing.

Katherine tried to teach all the children in the bus on the way home how to sing "Row, Row, Row

Your, Boat", as Tanya looked on, but one child refused to sing. This child, sitting in front of

Tanya, looked at Katherine as she approached. "I don't feel like singing," the child responded, as Katherine looked at him. "Why not, Justin?" Katherine asked. Justin looked back at Tanya, and then looked at Katherine before responding, "Besides the fact that I don't feel like it," Justin responded, "I feel sort of alone. I don't have a mother, and so far, I have no friends."

"I'm sure that you will make some shortly," Tanya responded, as the bus rolled into Angel

Grove. Justin thought he saw a brief flash of metal on Tanya's wrist, as well as Katherine's, but refused to ask them what it was.

At the Power Chamber, Alpha Five scanned a familiar energy pattern, the one belonging to

Lerigot. "Zordon," Alpha responded, as he wondered where Zordon was, "I am picking up an

energy signature from Lerigot." Suddenly, Zordon appeared. "Zordon," Alpha responded frightenedly, "you almost burned out a diode." "There must be some reason why Lerigot has come here," Zordon responded, as he awaited for any form of conformation before contacting

the Rangers.

Rocky continued to practice, while Adam sparred with Robert. Melissa watched on, as Jason and

Tommy continued to practice. "Good work, Jason," responded the instructor, as Adam kicked Robert squarely in the chest. "Nice shot," Robert responded, as he retaliated with a kick which

missed. "Concentrate, Robert," the instructor responded, "we need you if more than one of our team gets injured." Robert nodded, and began to attack Rocky, as Tommy punched Adam in the chest. Rocky missed a kick, as Robert jump-kicked him in the chest. Rocky fell, got up, and tried

a hook kick that missed wide. "You're trying too hard," Robert responded, connecting with

a hook kick. "Or maybe not hard enough," Adam responded, as the instructor asked Rocky to

come over and attempt a hook kick. The first time Rocky tried, he missed. Rocky tried again, and overshot the target, falling over the ring, and slammed his back onto the mat below hard.

"Rocky!" Katherine shouted. "Someone get him an ambulance!" Robert responded, as Adam

walked over to Rocky. "Are you okay?" Adam asked. "My back..." Rocky groaned, as he

was put on a stretcher. "Now what are we going to do?" Jason asked. "Without the money,

Justin and the other orphans will go homeless!" Katherine commented. _More importantly_,

Robert thought, _what will happen if Rita and Lord Zedd attack, and we are without a Blue


At the same time, Bulk, Skull, and Lieutenant Stone were busily making sure that the

Angel Grove All-Stars game was well-guarded. "Gentleman," responded Lieutenant Stone, as

Bulk and Skull questioned a hot dog vendor and confiscated several hot dogs and buns.

"Bulkmeyer, Skullovich!" shouted Stone, as the two Junior Officers rose to attention.

"Thank you," responded Lieutenant Stone, "it was indeed fortunate that we were given our

old jobs back, after that debacle you two had overseas. I told you that you would have

to beg to me to come back, and I knew that you would. Frankly, you made a bad impression, but I am willing to put that aside. Your mission, gentlemen, is to take over for me at the Dance-a-thon tonight at 1600 hours. I expect you to be on time." "Yes, sir!" responded Bulk, as Skull

dropped the mustard. "I did not hear you, Skullovich," responded Lieutenant Stone.

"Yes, sir," muttered Skull as he splattered mustard over his commanding officer. Skull

tried to get the mustard off his boss, leaving Bulk to explain what had happened.

Part II - To find a New Ranger

Several hours later, at Angel Grove Memorial Hospital, Justin arrived. He noticed Rocky lying down on the bed, in pain. "So," Justin asked, "how are you doing?" "Not so well," Rocky groaned, as he heard his friends arrive. "Someone's coming," Justin quickly commented, as he

ducked under the bed. Robert, Melissa, Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Katherine arrived,

carrying bundles of get well items, including cards, balloons and a cake. "We just wanted to cheer

you up," Tommy commented, as Adam let the balloons go. "Makes a nice touch," Adam responded, as Tanya gave Rocky the card. "We'll ask the nurse later if you can have Melissa's

cake," Robert responded, as Justin looked on. Suddenly, the peaceful scene was stopped short

by a familiar tone.

(SX: Trademark beep)

"Oh great," Rocky muttered. Robert looked around, thinking about whether or not

someone else could have come in. Turning to Tommy, Robert responded, "We'd better go home now." Tommy sighed, agreed, and left, followed by the others. Justin then got out from under the bed, and noticed that Rocky had a communicator on his wrist. "I seem to recall seeing several others like this one a few days ago," Justin commented. "It's nothing," Rocky commented.

"Even so," Justin responded, "I think I'll follow your friends." _Oh great_, Rocky responded,

_if he finds out about the Rangers, Zordon will have him take my place until I can get back into

action._ Rocky quickly spoke into his communicator, "Zordon, advise the Rangers they are

being followed."

As the Rangers walked to the elevator, again the communicator beeped.

(SX: Trademark beep)

"We've got to find a place to hide and teleport," Robert responded, as he looked around.

Melissa quickly pointed the way to the stairwell, as Justin followed closely behind.

Upon closing the door, Tommy responded, "What is it, Zordon?" "I have some disturbing news, Rangers," Zordon commented, "Lerigot, the wizard who holds the key to Maligore is in Central

Africa. He will die shortly unless he is rescued. Not only that, but Rocky has advised me that

you are being followed." "By whom?" Melissa responded. "We do not know," Zordon responded, "but you must protect your identity as Power Rangers no matter what."

Robert agreed, as they began to run down the stairs toward the ground floor.

Justin followed behind, making sure to keep the people in sight, in case they decided to split

up. When Robert reached the front entrance, he ran to a nearby bush, ducked out of sight, and

teleported away. Melissa followed, teleporting safely away. Tommy ran in another direction, and

ducked behind a statue, and teleported away. Justin followed the other three people as they

scattered. Katherine looked behind her, as Justin watched her duck into the forest. As he watched, a pink ball of light appeared, and faded from sight. A second later, a yellow ball

followed, and then a green ball followed after that. Justin returned to Rocky, realizing that

he had just accidentally uncovered the identites of the Power Rangers.

(This is different from the movie, of course.)

Justin returned to Rocky, and commented, "So, you are a Power Ranger? And your friends are

as well?" "Let me guess," Rocky responded, "you saw them teleport." Justin nodded, as Rocky

handed him his communicator. Rocky sighed, and responded, "until I am fit for duty, Justin, I give you my powers, to use with honor, according to the code of the Power Rangers. No one

must know that you are a Power Ranger, not even your friends. You must not use the powers

for personal gain. You must not escalate any battles until an evil power does so."

"I understand," Justin responded. "From here on," Rocky responded, "you are the

new Blue Ranger. I suggest you go find Zordon, and tell him that I have sent you."

Justin then left, pondering what had just happened.

Bulk and Skull were stuck at an intersection, late for their assignment. "I tell you it's left,"

Bulk responded, looking for the dance hall. "And I say that it is right," Skull responded, pointing

at the stars. "You see that star?" Skull responded, pointing, "that is the north star, which means

that it points north." "That isn't a star," Bulk responded, "because it's moving."

As Bulk and Skull watched, the star shined a white light upon them, causing them to flee.

"Slow down!" Bulk shouted. "I can't," Skull responded, "the accelerator is stuck." Suddenly,

Bulk and Skull crashed into a bait shop, where they were immediately thrown into a box of

old bait. Then, the ship pulled Bulk and Skull up.

Divatox looked at Elgar with contempt. "You call these humans pure?" Divatox shouted angrily. "No, your grace," Elgar responded, "these two are not pure, they were just the first

ones I encountered." Divatox took a whiff, and smelled fish. "Ugh," Divatox commented, as

she commanded Elgar to place brain helmets on the prisoners so that they would not

reveal the location of Divatox's ship. Then, she dumped the two officers into the bilge. "Lerigot was after something on this planet," Divatox commented, "but what?" Turning to Elgar, she commanded, "I am giving you one more chance to find some pure humans!" She then tore Elgar's hand off, and gave it to him. "I have a plan," Divatox commented, "that will insure that Lerigot will aid me. I will capture his wife and child, and then force him to open the gateway at the Nemesis Triangle. Then," Divatox paused, as a fly landed on her lap. Quickly swallowing the fly, she continued, "Then, I will marry Maligore and rule the universe!"

Part III - The Race Begins

The Rangers arrived at the Power Chamber, still unaware that someone had uncovered their identities, as Zordon began to discuss the situation. "Rangers," Zordon began, "we must rescue

Lerigot before it is too late. If he stays out in the sun for too long, he will surely perish."

Tommy looked around, and decided to volunteer. "I'll join him," Katherine commented.

"Very well," Zordon commented, as a door opened, revealing six backpacks.

"You will need the Power Boxes for this mission, Rangers. These specially designed backpacks

contain the items necessary for you to survive in almost any environment, plus items which will

help you find Lerigot. Tommy picked up the red pack, and Katherine the pink, as Zordon continued, "So far, we know that Lerigot is somewhere in Central Africa. We will teleport you

there, but it up to you to find him." "Okay, Zordon," Tommy responded, as Katherine and

Tommy were teleported away. Melissa looked at the time, and responded, "I'm late! I've got

to meet Kim and Jason!" "What's that?" Robert responded, "You're leaving so soon?"

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you, Robbie," Melissa commented, "but I have to go to Angel Cove to

take another scuba lesson. I'm almost as experienced with scuba as Kim and Jason are."

"Be careful," Robert commented, as Melissa teleported away. "Meanwhile," Robert responded,

"has anything unusual entered Earth's atmosphere?" "I'm picking up some weird energy readings," Adam responded, "but nothing conclusive." "Great," Robert muttered, "we're going to be in serious trouble soon."

Meanwhile, in Africa, Lerigot began to weaken as he was befriended by a tribe of monkeys.

The monkeys huddled around him, and led him away from the sparse trees into the dense jungle.

When Melissa arrived, she saw Jason preparing to go out into the ocean to swim. Kimberly Hart

was also there, back from Paris and a short trip to Florida, preparing her wet suit. Melissa

rented her favorite skin-tight wetsuit, and went into the ladies changing room, as Kimberly talked

to Jason. "So," Kimberly commented, "what happened to you?" "After I returned from the

Peace conference," Jason related to Kimberly, "I was found by Tommy in the desert near my

grandfather's house. He wanted me to become a Ranger once more, so I agreed. I became the

Gold Ranger, with the help of a being named Trey, and aided the Rangers in battle. Unfortunately, the Gold Ranger powers taxed me to the limit. I was losing the battle to control

myself and the Gold energies, so I gave them up. Until recently, I was pondering leaving Angel

Grove and leaving Emily behind, but I decided that I'm going to stay here awhile longer."

Kimberly thought things over again in her mind, as Melissa strutted out, ready to dive again.

_Perhaps I should stay as well_, Kimberly thought, as Jason began to find a boat to take

them out on the water.

Tommy and Katherine continued to follow the signal towards Lerigot, as the intense heat of the

African sun beat down upon them. Thirty minutes later, Katherine asked to sit down on a log to

rest, as Tommy pulled a canteen from his backpack. Katherine sat down, accidentally catching

a cameraman off-guard, who was filming behind Katherine. "Oh well," muttered the cameraman,

"post-production will pick it up." (I guess not.) As Tommy continued to scan the area, a snake

began to slither its way down towards Katherine. Tommy, noticing the snake, quickly commented, "Kat, don't move." Katherine froze still, as Tommy waited. "Okay," Tommy

began, "on three, jump towards me." Katherine nodded, as Tommy counted.

"One... Two... Three!" Tommy counted, as Katherine leapt. The snake jumped onto Tommy, as Katherine misstepped, and tumbled over the edge of a cliff. Luckily, she hung onto a branch.

Tommy, looking over as the snake struck, noticed the waterfall and shouted, "Katherine!"

Katherine held on for her life, as the branch slowly gave way. Faced with no other choice, Katherine activated her Zeonizers. As she activated the other half of her Zeonizer, the branch

broke, and Katherine fell. Half her Zeonizer fell off, and she raced to grab it as she fell.

Quickly uniting the halves, she shouted, "Zeo Ranger One, Pink" and partially morphed, but not before she fell into the water. The morph was cancelled, and Katherine's leg was cut. Tommy

quickly threw the snake away, and dove after Katherine, looking like a cliff-jumper in the process.

Tommy then swam after Katherine after landing in the water, and pull her ashore. "Are you

okay?" Tommy asked, as Katherine tried to stand, but failed. Looking at her left leg, she commented, "My leg, it's broken." Tommy fashioned a crude splint, helped Katherine up,

and aided her in walking while both of them continued to search for Lerigot.

Meanwhile, at the Power Chamber, Adam scanned the area. Suddenly, he picked up an

unusual energy reading. Quickly summoning Tanya and Robert, Adam commented, "There's

this strange energy reading coming from near Angel Cove. It's definitely alien, but I can't

confirm it." "Perhaps that was what caused Lerigot to flee," Tanya commented, as Robert

began to worry about Melissa. _Why'd you have to leave when you put yourself into

so much danger?_ Robert thought, as he wondered about the Blue Ranger.

Elsewhere in the Power Chamber, Alpha was pouring over technical diagrams, as he was interrupted by a voice. "Hello, anyone home?" the voice asked, as Alpha panicked.

"Hold on there," the voice responded, I won't harm you. I am not an intruder. I'm just

looking for the Rangers. I'm the new Blue Ranger." "My name is Alpha," Alpha Five

began, "and if you're going to join the Rangers, you will have to listen to me. I will give

you all the information you need regarding the operation of a vehicle." "You're going to teach

me how to drive?" the voice asked. Alpha nodded. "Cool," the voice responded, as Alpha

wondered how this person figured out what Alpha was saying. _I'm beginning to sound just

like Billy_, Alpha commented, thinking about the ex-Blue Ranger.

Divatox waited as Lerigot's wife and child were teleported from Linia after capture. "Good,"

commented Divatox, "bind them, and make sure that she cannot contact her husband. I've got

some snooping to do." The crew of the sub bound the prisoners, placed a mental neutralizer on

Lerigot's wife, and then locked them into a cell. Divatox scanned the water with her periscope, and noticed three divers coming toward the sub. "Perfect," Divatox commented, as she instructed

her crew to capture the humans, "these three humans will do nicely. I will have my dowry for

Maligore as well as a tasty snack for him."

As the three divers swam past the sub, several metallic soldiers came out, snatching each one as they passed. To make sure escape was impossible, the soldiers took the tanks off as they grabbed

the hostages. As soon as the hostages were aboard, Divatox looked at them. "Excellent," Divatox commented, "they will do nicely." "What do you want with us?" the only male in the group asked. "You are to be my present to Maligore," Divatox commented. The male looked at

the females, and wondered what a "Maligore" was. "You can't do this," responded one of the ladies, "we have friends." "And who are these friends of yours?" Divatox asked.

"The Power Rangers," the other female responded, "of which my husband is a member."

"The Power Rangers," Divatox mocked, "so that is what Lerigot wanted. He wanted to

get the attention of the lackey robot that the guy in the glass has so that the guy would send the

Power Rangers to me. I am afraid I will have to put his plans on hold." "Don't talk about Alpha and Zordon like that," the male responded. "So," Divatox commented, "you do know their names? It will be easier for me then. I will ready Lerigot's wife to send a special message to her

husband, and then, I will have the golden key." "Jason, Kim," responded one of the females, "we

are in deep trouble." "You don't know the half of it," responded Elgar, as he lowered the three

prisoners into the bilge. "Very good Elgar," responded Divatox, "I can safely place them there

until they are needed. Ready the prisoner for mental transmission!"

In the bilge, Jason, Melissa and Kimberly waited to find out there fate, as from a nearby cell, voice piped up. "Who is dere?" responded one voice in a rough Austrian accent. "Bulk? Skull?"

Jason asked. "Hola," responded the other in a rough Spanish accent. "Guten tag," responded the first. "Bulk?" repeated Jason. "Vat iss dis Bulk?" responded Bulk, "I am Arnold Bulkmeyer."

"and I am Antonia Skullderas," responded Skull. "Oh great," muttered Kimberly, "we've landed in the looney bin."

Tommy and Katherine continued to search as Lerigot became weaker. Almost by accident, Lerigot and Tommy met. The chimpanzees had guided him safely to someone who could teleport him out. Katherine cleared her throat quickly, and pointed to her leg, as Lerigot growled, "Al-pha." Tommy realized that Lerigot was talking about Alpha Five. "Yes," Tommy responded,

"we know Alpha. We can help you." Katherine cleared her throat again, as Lerigot pulled out

his staff, and began to sing in a strange tongue. Almost miraculously, Katherine's wounds healed.

Katherine tested her leg, stood, and began to walk as if there was no injury. "Thank you," Katherine responded to Lerigot, "and thank you," she commented to the chimps, as Tommy

related the news to Zordon that Lerigot was safe and that he would be teleported to the Power


"Ma'am," responded Elgar, "Lerigot has been found by the Rangers!" "Curse those infernal do-gooders!" shouted Divatox, looking at the prisoner, who was ready to communicate with her

husband. "It does not matter right now that they have Lerigot," Divatox commented, "it

only matters that I will win. Prepare the hostage for telepathic transmission!"

"All is ready, lady Divatox!' responded Rygog. "It's showtime!" Divatox shouted, readying herself to talk to Zordon.

At the Command Center, Lerigot was resting, as Alpha continued to check on his condition.

"He appears to be recovering, Rangers," Alpha responded, "luckily, you managed to save him in

time." Suddenly, Lerigot began to howl in pain. "What's happening?" Katherine commented.

"Lerigot is receiving a telepathic transmission from his wife," Alpha responded.

"Attach a neural scanner to Lerigot and place the transmission on the Viewing Globe,"

Zordon commented, as Alpha readying the scanner and probe.

A few moments later, Divatox appeared on the screen. "Who is that?" Tommy asked, as

Divatox began, "Hello, Zordon, I know you can hear me, so listen up. I have Lerigot's wife and child. Unless he surrenders to me within one hour, I will destroy them both. Oh, by the way, Rangers, I seem to have a couple of your friends." As Divatox showed the Rangers the three

hostages, Tommy looked at them. "Jason!" Tommy shouted, as he looked at the second.

"Kimberly," Tommy commented, as Robert noticed the third. "Melissa," Robert responded.

Then, the transmission ended. "Lerigot is doing fine now," Alpha responded, as Lerigot stood up,

walked over to the wall which used to contain the old Ranger uniforms and spoke once again

in an alien tongue. Alpha responded back, trying to glean information. "They're talking to one another," Katherine responded, as Robert commented, "Just like good friends do."

Just then, Alpha stood up, and shook his head. "I'm afraid there's nothing we can do, Rangers,"

Alpha responded, "Lerigot is going into an ancient Linian rite. He is going to surrender to Divatox." The Rangers responded with shock. "There must be something we can do," Tommy

responded. "You must go and make sure that Divatox releases the others," Zordon commented.

The others agreed, as all were teleported to Angel Cove.

Part IV: Shifting Gears

At Angel Cove, the Rangers, along with Lerigot stood waiting, as the Pirranatron leader spoke.

"Send Lerigot down and we will send your friends up," he responded. "No," Tommy responded,

"First, you release our friends." Suddenly, Lerigot left the protection of the Rangers, and began to head towards the evil forces. "Lerigot!" Katherine shouted, as Tommy watched. Lerigot was

then captured by the Piranatrons, as their leader commanded, "Release the prisoners!"

Two scuba uniforms were thrown into the water, and as Tommy rushed to glance at them, Robert held him back. "Don't go," Robert responded, "they're obviously fakes." "How would you know?" Tommy responded, as Robert pointed out that only two existed. "Three people were

captured," Robert commented, as Tommy ran into the sea, and began to swim towards the obvious dummies. Adam followed, as Tommy discovered that one of the uniforms was indeed

fake. "Tommy, come back!" Adam shouted, drawing closer to him. "I must check the other one," Tommy responded, as Adam held him back. "No," Adam responded harshly, "the other

one is as fake as the first. We must teleport to the Power Chamber and see what we can do."

Tommy sighed, and teleported away, wondering what was happening to Kimberly.

At the same moment, Divatox greeted Lerigot. "Now, I have all I need to access the hidden portal in the Nemesis Triangle!" Divatox shouted. "Setting course, my lady!" shouted Elgar, as the sub began to dive, heading towards the Nemesis Triangle. Lerigot saw a brief glimpse of his family just before he was thrown into a cell , and contemplated his reasons for saving the others over saving his family.

In the bilge, however, Jason, Kimberly, and Melissa were looking for anything to help them escape. "We could make weapons," Kimberly commented, seeing a toolbox. "I could morph," Melissa responded, looking around, "if that may help you." Jason thought for a second, and decided that it may be the only way to escape. Melissa tried to activate her Zeonizers, but failed.

Trying again, she also failed. "Rats," Melissa responded, "I can't morph." "I wish that we could

still morph," Kimberly responded, as she kicked over the toolbox, seeing if she could manufacture

anything to help them escape. Bulk and Skull looked on, puzzled by the way that Melissa acted.

"Who iz zshe?" Bulk commented. "I do not know," Skull responded, "but these people may help

us escape."

At the Power Chamber, Zordon was informed of the situation. Robert tried his Zeonizer, but failed. "What is going on here?" Robert complained, looking around, "I can't morph, and the

Power Chamber looks different. All I want to know is why." "When Rita and Zedd nearly destroyed the Zeozords," Zordon began, "Alpha and I, after hiding the Zeozords, put a contingency plan into effect. For several weeks now, we have been storing the Zeo weapons and uniforms, preparing for this day. Even though the Zeo Crystals still power the Power Chamber, their powers are useless against the force you are about to face." "Which is?" Tommy responded.

"Divatox is heading for the Nemesis Triangle," Zordon explained, "and with Lerigot's help, she

will open a passage to the hidden island of Muranthias. Somewhere on the island lies Maligore.

However, only Lerigot's golden key can open the sacred temple of Maligore."

"That was why Lerigot came here, Rangers," Alpha added, "to seek my help, and yours as well."

"Ours?" Adam asked. "Without our Zeo powers, we are helpless." Tanya explained.

"Besides," Katherine added, there is no way to get to the Nemesis Triangle." "Katherine is wrong," Zordon explained, "there is a way, but you will need something that hasn't totally been

created yet." "Explain, please," Robert insisted. "This trip you are about to begin, Rangers, requires you to find the Ghost Galleon. Only this haunted ship can safely protect you on your

journey towards the Nemesis Triangle. The Galleon is in the Spooky Docks, which we will give you directions to. You will also need something else. In order to defeat Divatox and Maligore, you will need new zords and new powers. You will design the zords, and I will design the powers." "I see," Tommy responded, "but what great force will power us now that the ultimate power of the Zeo Crystals are gone?" "You will need the power of turbo in order to complete this mission, Rangers," Zordon explained, as Alpha showed them a screen and keyboard.

"This screen and keyboard will aid you in creating the new zords," Alpha explained.

"I don't understand how this will work," Robert responded. "We've taken some new

technology that hasn't been tested yet," Alpha explained, "some of which was present on Aquitar.

This technology will be able to help you create your new zords in hours instead of days."

The Rangers inputted the data on how they wanted the new zords to look, function, and unite, and waited, as the program ran. "You will also be given new morphers," Zordon continued, "which are called Turbo Morphers [Accelerbracelets]. They will be used to morph. You will have to call out the name of your vehicle to morph, instead of your color." The Rangers nodded.

"You will also be given keys, which resemble Lerigot's golden key. They will be used to

activate the Galleon, as well as guide you safely to Muranthias. At the moment you enter the triangle, unite all your keys to pass through safely. You will also be given newer and more powerful weapons, to be used when the need arises."

As Zordon finished, a large door opened, and a gloomy fog rolled in. "Your new zords are ready," Zordon stated, "They are called Turbozords. Together, they will create the Turbomegazord, which will be capable of destroying Maligore." "What about me?" Robert

asked. "First," Zordon interrupted, "I will show you the other zords, then explain what I have

done with the final zord, Rainbow Ranger." _Does this mean I can't fly anymore?_ Robert thought, as four headlights simultaneously turned on. The roaring of engines left the Rangers

stunned, as the zords began to slowly roll out one by one.

"Tommy," Zordon began, "your zord is the Red [Chaser] Lightning." A red racecar slowly pulled out, its headlights shined brightly on its new owner. "Katherine will drive the Wind Fire Turbozord," Zordon continued, as a white sedan rolled out. Katherine noticed that the sedan's sides had pink racing stripes on them. "Adam," Zordon continued, "your zord is the Desert Thunder." A green minivan rolled out, looking directly at Adam. "Tanya," Zordon finished, "you will drive the Dune Star zord." A yellow jeep rolled out, and Tanya smiled. Zordon paused, as

Robert noticed two other zords parked behind the other four. "What about Rocky's zord?" Adam

asked. "And mine?" Robert added, still thinking about Melissa. A blue pickup truck stood idle, its lights off. "Rocky's Mountain Blaster zord will stay behind for now," Zordon explained, not

mentioning the fact that just moments before they arrived, someone else had asked to use the

Blue Ranger powers. "As for you, Robert," Zordon added, "and Melissa, I am afraid the this program only allows vehicles to be created, not dragons." Robert sighed, as he noticed another truck turn its lights on. This truck was not a pickup, but an off-road truck, painted white.

As Robert studied the new zord, he noticed that on each side was a rainbow racing stripe, just

like Katherine's zord. "Behold, Rainbow Ranger," Zordon commented, "your new zord! For now, we will call it the Rainbow Off-Roader." "Drachenfire," Robert muttered, looking at the new zord with interest. Zordon then gathered the Rangers around a podium, that had seven morphers, and six slots, one for each color of Ranger that existed. _Reminds me of an old electronic game I once played_, Robert thought, trying to recall the name, as the Rangers stood

ready to receive their Turbo Morphers. "Behold your Turbo Morphers, Turbo Rangers!" Zordon commented, "Once you take them, you will don the new uniforms I have created for you to use, and you will become the Power Rangers Turbo." The Rangers each held out a hand, and Tommy

responded, "Ready?" as they grabbed the morphers.

A sudden jolt of energy surged through each Ranger, as they were transformed into their new

uniforms. Each one wore a racing helmet of their appropriate color and window design with headlights, and each had on a uniform that was amazingly similar, except for the two ladies, who wore skirts: Each uniform was in the color of the Ranger, except for a small patch of yellow in the

center of the uniform. "This is awesome," Tommy commented, as Zordon told them, "Rangers, you must hurry to the Ghost Galleon, before Divatox reaches the Nemesis Triangle."

"I guess it's time to try out the new zords," Robert responded, as he looked at the other rainbow

morpher. "Can I take Melissa's with me?" Robert responded. Zordon agreed, and Robert stored the morpher in his zord's glove compartment, as he buckled in for safety. "Cool," Robert responded, "a stereo." "Do these zords have a turbo speed?" Adam asked before leaving.

"Yes, they do," Alpha responded. Tommy began to think, and then responded, "I'm kind of tired of saying the same old thing every time we have to morph. Why don't we create a new one, to activate our Turbo Morphers?" Everyone, with the exception of Robert, agreed. Tommy thought, as the Rangers began to spout out ideas, but every one was rejected, until Robert responded, "Turbo... How about 'Shift into Turbo!'? That might work." Tommy agreed, and the zords left, with unmorphed Ranges, speeding out of the garage of the Power Chamber, and into the desert. "Now that the Rangers are gone," Zordon asked Alpha, "could you please send in the new Ranger? I'd like to talk to him for a moment." "Sure thing, Zordon," Alpha responded, showing the young man into the Command Center. As he stood in awe, looking at his new uniform, Zordon spoke to him.

(We only saw him from the shoulders down, remember?)

"New Ranger," Zordon commented, "I am pleased to welcome you. You will take the place of

Rocky until he is fit to return. You will drive his Mountain Blaster zord, and help the

other Rangers in anyway possible. As the newest Ranger, you must learn from each Ranger how to act as a team and learn all that you can from them. Go now, Blue Ranger, and fulfill your destiny. May the power protect you." As the Blue Ranger got into the pickup, he thought, _He

never told me to keep my identity a secret, which I might do. Or, maybe I'll reveal it to them

when I get to the Ghost Galleon._ Then, the final zord rolled off, ready to follow the others.

In the desert, the Rangers sped off, as they began to talk to each other about their zords.

"Red lightning, ready to bolt!" Tommy shouted.

"Wind Chaser, ready to howl!" Katherine quipped.

"Desert Thunder, ready to rumble!" Adam shouted.

"Dune Star's gonna shine!" Tanya shouted.

"Rainbow Off-Roader, ready to kick some dust!" Robert shouted.

"Shift into Turbo!" Tommy shouted.

(SX: Voices: Shift... Into... Turbo!)

As all the Rangers pulled their levers, the zords roared by, picking up speed, and heading in the

direction of the Ghost Galleon. Behind them, the Mountain Blaster rolled on, as the Blue

Ranger also shifted, trying to catch up to them. _Soon_, the Blue Ranger commented, _the time will come to reveal my identity._

Part V: Destination, Muranthias

As the Turbozords approached the Ghost Galleon, the Rangers slowed down to normal speed, and stopped. An ancient pirate ship was docks a few feet in front of them, surrounded by a spooky fog, inviting them to come aboard. As the Rangers walked to the ship, the sound of an engine stopped them. Looking back, they noticed the Mountain Blaster Turbozord had arrived just seconds behind them, and stopped. A short Ranger leapt out of the driver's seat, and stood before them, wearing Rocky's colors. "Well," Tommy responded, "at least we know it isn't Rocky." "Who are you?" Adam asked, as the Blue Ranger slowly removed his helmet.

Katherine stood in shock as she saw that it was Justin, the boy she had talked to, who now wore

the blue uniform. "Justin?" Tanya asked, "what are you doing here?" Justin looked at them, and responded, "Guys, don't you know? I'm the new Blue Ranger! Rocky sent me to help you.

Unfortunately, I had to take a crash course in driving, which Alpha told me about. It's a

good thing you don't need a license to drive a zord." Robert sighed, and commented to himself,

"What is this world coming to when a twelve-year-old can become a Ranger?" "Well, now," Tommy said, "I guess you're now part of the team." Tommy looked at the ship, and began to think. "Okay," he wondered, "how do we get the zords in the ship?" Robert looked at his zord, and the ship, and noticed a large cargo hold. "We'll store them in the cargo hold until they are neeeded," Robert responded, "but the hold is in the water." "Guys," Justin interrupted, "Zordon told me that the zords can float. That means that they can also drive in the water."

"That's excellent news!" Tommy responded, "Now, we can board the ship."

"I'll go in last," Adam responded, as Tommy pulled his zord into the water, and aboard the ship.

(This was mentioned later in the movie, but I mention it here to save the plot.)

Meanwhile, in the bilge, Jason began to think, as Kimberly continued to manufacture weapons.

Melissa looked at the large metal cap in the bilge, as Jason halted Kimberly. "Kimberly,." Jason

commented, "there's got to be another way to get out of here besides creating weapons." Jason quickly looked at his computerized depth gauge, which he had saved from the captors.

Looking at it, Jason began, "Right now, we're four hundred and thirty-five feet beneath the surface. I think that we may have to surface in order to get to the island. Once we reach

one hundred feet or so, we can most likely make it up in one breath." "That means we can

escape this floating prison!" Kimberly shouted. "Let's find something to pry the cap open," Melissa commented, "perhaps it leads out."

As the captives began to search, Divatox slowly began to look for the Nemesis Triangle. She thought for a moment about the Rangers, and hoped that they wouldn't follow. "Be prepared to

get Lerigot out of his cell, Rygog," Divatox commented, "I want to have a few words with him

about the Nemesis Triangle."

After the zords were loaded onto the ship, the Rangers looked around for a way to get the ship moving. Near the steering wheel of the ship, was a chest, that Justin found. "Guys," Justin

shouted, "over here!" The other Rangers gathered around the chest, as Tommy asked for someone to open it. Inside the chest, were five keyholes, for five keys. "I guess that leaves me out," Robert responded, "but I'll gladly take first watch." Tommy nodded, as the other

Rangers quickly inserted their keys, and turned them to the left. Suddenly, the ship began to move. The compass began to turn. "Look," Tanya shouted, "the compass is moving!"

"The sails are unfurling!" Katherine shouted. "I wonder what runs this ship," Tanya responded,

as the ship slowly began to pull out of the dock, heading for the Nemesis Triangle.

"'Cause I am the one you should fear the most,

and I am the one who'll take you down.

and, as long as I exist...

There's hope for the world,

Hope for the world.

Hope for the world.

Hope for the world." - The Mighty Raw, from the soundtrack

As Divatox began to approach the Nemesis Triangle, Rygog began to notice something on the radar. "Empress," Rygog began. "What is it?" demanded Divatox. "Our radar is picking up five humans," Rygog stated, but nothing else. I can't explain it." "The Power Rangers!" Divatox fumed angrily, "They must have found a way to follow me. Those Power Punks wont rest

when they're down." Thinking, Divatox quickly picked up the phone, and dialed a number, commenting, "It looks like I'll need some help in order to defeat them."

Rita Repulsa tried to get some sleep, after finally remodeling the castle after destroying the

Machine Empire. Unfortunately, her husband, Lord Zedd, was snoring loudly, and disturbing her.

Suddenly, the bedside phone rang. _Oh well_, Rita thought, picking it up, _this can't get much worse._ "Hello?" Rita responded.

"Hello, Rita," Divatox spoke, "its me, Di. Sorry to call you so late, I forgot about the time difference and all that. I need your help with a problem. You see, I'm being chased by the Power Rangers, and I need to know how to defeat them." "Defeat them?" Rita balked, "Ha! You can't

defeat the Power Rangers, Divatox. You really want my advice, didn't you? It's not like I'm

having problems here!" Rita held the phone next to Lord Zedd, and Divatox heard the grating sounds of snoring. "There is no way to defeat them," Rita continued, "and my advice to you is to... ruuuun!" Divatox hung up the phone, cursing herself for not thinking with her head.

Rita, after hanging up the phone, cackled evilly, knowing that Divatox would learn her lesson

the hard way about the Rangers.

Divatox paced for a minute, and then, called for the periscope. Looking out, she saw the Nemesis Triangle. "Elgar," Divatox commanded, "bring Lerigot in here!" "At once, Divatox!" Elgar responded. "I don't know how they got here," Divatox commented, "but those Rangers will not stop me from reaching my goal and getting married." Turning to Rygog, Divatox commented,

"and what is a wedding without a few presents. I want those Rangers delayed so that I can

enter the triangle." "Yes, ma'am!" Rygog responded, pressing a button marked "pods" on the

control panel.

On the surface, ten pods appeared, looking for the ship that carried the heroes to the triangle.

While Robert stood guard through the first watch, Justin walked around. "Feel like taking over?"

Robert responded, standing up. "No," Justin commented, "I'm just not tired." Katherine then

came up from below deck, and asked Robert to go downstairs for a second. "Of course," Robert

responded. "Are you going to get any sleep?" Katherine asked, as Robert began to walk downstairs. "Like I told Robert, I am not tired," Justin responded. "Well, then," Katherine responded, "let's talk." "There's not much to talk about, really," Justin commented, "after my

mother died, my father distanced himself from me. He used to own a martial arts instruction studio, but had to sell it. If only I could show him what I've become, then maybe we could get

back together, him and I." "You know you can't do that." Katherine responded.

"I've heard the story twice already, Kat," Justin responded, "the 'Code of Honor' and all that.

'It's for me to know and them to find out." Sheesh. Some days it just doesn't pay to join a team when noone wants to be your friend." "We're your friends now, Justin," Katherine commented,

"and we are also your family." Katherine stood up, began to walk back downstairs, and commented, "Now, don't stay up too late. Even Power Rangers need their sleep."

"Just like a mother," Justin commented to himself, as Katherine met Robert on the steps.

"How'd things go?" Robert responded. "Not that bad," Katherine responded, "I think he'll

make a fine addition to the team." Robert nodded, and headed back up to finish his watch, as the

other Rangers sat down and talked about Justin and the friends that they left along the way.

While the Ranger relaxed, no one noticed the pods leaping onto the ship, and begin to open up, revealing the most disgusting monsters imaginable. Justin was the first to hear unusual sounds, and looked around, and saw the most putrid sight: monsters coming out of pods. _Putrapods!_

thought Justin, thinking about their names, _I've got to warn the others!" Weakly, and with fear, Justin tried to shout, "Guys," but he could not. Below deck, the Rangers wondered what was happening above deck. "I'll go check it out," Adam commented, as he headed up the stairs.

Justin began to fight, as Adam saw the monsters. "Guys," he shouted down, "come up quick!

We need your help!" Justin fought bravely, using the skills his father told him to attack the nearest monster, as Adam joined in. The other Rangers followed, and the battle began.

Robert sought out the nearest monster, and began to kick him with everything he had, as Tanya

and Katherine ran away from a double-team. Justin punch a monster overboard, as Tommy fought another monster. Robert kicked another over the side, and rushed to help out the others.

Adam landed a combo the dropped a monster to the deck, as Tanya kicked another monster over

the side. Katherine landed a jumping kick that caused another monster to fall over.

The Putrapods slowly began to back away, as their numbers decreased from ten to three, and then

finally to one. Tommy faked a monster out with a series of martial arts moves, and then scared

the monster over the side. "You were great, Justin," Robert commented, "I think Rocky has chosen the right person for the job."

Below the surface of the water, Divatox scanned ahead of her sub, noticing the Nemesis Triangle

in front of her. Slowly, she walked over to Lerigot, and commented, "I know that you have the key that will allow me to pass into Muranthias. I also know that you may allow your friends to be harmed before you allow me access. However, I doubt that you wouldn't allow your family to be

harmed." Lerigot looked at his wife and child, and knew that Divatox would do anything to get to Maligore. Lerigot threw the key at her. "You fool," Divatox commented, "I don't know how to use this! If I didn't need you to open the temple of Maligore, I'd kill you and your family right now." Divatox handed Lerigot his key, and stated, "In about two minutes, we will enter the heart of the Nemesis Triangle. If you do not comply with me and open the gateway, I will have no choice but to kill your family." Lerigot sighed, and nodded, agreeing to open the gateway.

In the bilge, Jason and Kimberly began to open the cap, as Melissa held the water back as vest as she could. "You know," Melissa commented, "we should try to free the other prisoners."

Jason agreed. "We'll wait until we pass through the triangle before we do anything," Jason commented, as he continued to loosen the bolts that held the cap onto the pipe.

As the sub began to approach the heart of the triangle, lightning began to strike the ship that was following behind it. Lerigot sighed, knowing that he had to comply. Lerigot took out his staff, and with a wave of his wand, forced the gate to open, just as the sub reached it. Jason, at the same time, forced the cap to open, and water began to flood the bilge. "Hurry up," Jason shouted, "and free the others before we drown!" Kimberly and Melissa looked for a way to open the other cell, and found a wheel that would do the trick. Melissa opened the door, as Kimberly went back to hold the cap tight as long as possible. "Are ve going out of here?" Bulk asked.

"Soon," Melissa commented, "very soon."

The ship began to feel the effects of the lightning, as it struck the masts. The Rangers got their keys ready, as Tommy waited for the ship the reach the gate. "Is everyone ready?" Tommy asked, as another bolt jostled a barrel from the hold, forcing Justin to lose his key. "My key!" Justin shouted in anguish, as he began to search for it. "Hurry, Justin!" Tanya shouted, as Justin tried to reach for it. "I can't reach it," he commented, as he stretched himself to the limit. As the ship

touched the gate, Justin grabbed his key, and made it to the others. "Is everyone ready?" Tommy

asked again, to which everyone nodded. "Let's do it!" he shouted, as the Rangers held out their keys. A blast of golden magic allowed the ship and the Rangers to pass through safely into the

dimension of Muranthias, still trailing Divatox.

Divatox noticed the island just a few miles to the north, as Rygog also noticed that the sub was leaking. "The sub is taking on water!" Rygog shouted, "It's coming from the bilge." "The prisoners are trying to escape!" Divatox shouted in anger, "Seal the tube!" In the bilge, the water continued to rise, as Bulk and Skull began to swim out, taking one deep breath. "Remember," Jason commented, "let it out slowly." Melissa followed, as Kimberly dove. Melissa made it into the tube safely, but Kimberly's shirt was stuck. Jason dove, and freed Kimberly, just as Rygog

pushed the button to seal the tube. Kimberly escaped into the tube just before it sealed tight.

Jason was not as lucky. The tube sealed on him, and he rose to the surface of the bilge. "Well,"

Divatox commented, "it looks like I'll have to deal with one tribute to Maligore instead of three."

As the ship approached the island, Justin took his place on the crow's nest. The Rangers looked at the island, as Justin shouted, "Land ho! Land ho! Shiver my timbers, and a bottle of rum!"

as the Rangers looked up, Justin commented, "I've always wanted to say that." Adam took at look at the island, and commented, "Since my zord is the first one that comes out, I guess I'll

take a look and see if I can find Divatox." "It's a good thing we packed our Power Boxes," Justin commented, as Adam pulled his Desert Thunder zord into the water. The Rangers watched as the zord floated, and drove its way onto the shore.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Kimberly were sprawled on the beach, exhausted after a long swim.

Bulk and Skull hid, as Melissa came around. "I wonder where Bulk and Skull are," she commented, as Kimberly stood up. "Where are we?" Kimberly asked, as Melissa shrugged.

Suddenly, natives arrived, holding spears at Melissa and Kimberly. "I guess these natives aren't

friendly," Melissa commented, as the natives dragged Melissa and Kimberly away.

Bulk and Skull, after seeing the others captured, fled the scene, only to run into the savages again.

Using an old trick, they managed to escape.


Divatox was prepared to go out onto the island, when Rygog interrupted her. "The Rangers have approached the island," he commented, "and they are still on something that I can't detect."

"Blast those Rangers!" Divatox shouted, as she aimed two torpedoes at them, and disembarked

the sub.

Adam, taking a look through his binoculars, noticed Divatox and her forces, as well as Jason, heading towards a volcano. "I'd better make sure that the others are safe," he commented, as he

looked at the ship. Suddenly, two flashes of silver appeared on the screen. "Oh, no," Adam

shouted, "torpedoes! I'd better try to warn the others." Adam tried his communicator, but failed to establish a link, as the torpedoes slowly inched their way to the ship. The torpedoes touched the ship with a sound not unlike two Ford Pintos tapping each other head-on at one mile an hour. The ship then exploded, as if hit by two regular torpedoes. Adam looked at the ship, and cried in anguish, knowing that the other Rangers could not have survived the blast. Suddenly, he noticed the other zords on the water, rolling their way towards him. "Yes!" he shouted, as he waited for the others to arrive.

Part VI: Rangers vs. Ex-Rangers, or Race to the Finish Line

As the other Rangers arrived on the island, Divatox hauled her prisoners towards the volcano temple. Suddenly, she and her group of evil forces were overtaken by a tribe a savages, carrying two more hostages. "I hope that they won't hurt us," Elgar commented. "They won't hurt us,"

Divatox explained, "in fact, I think they have just helped us. According to Muranthian legend, a tribe of savages know as the Malagai guard the temple against anyone who tries to enter without

the proper tribute. They must have been searching the island, and found our missing captives."

Melissa and Kimberly struggled in vain, but could not escape. "Take them with us!" commanded Divatox, as her and the Malagai marched to the temple. Turning to Lerigot, who was locked in a cage, away from his family, she commented, "You had better open to temple, if you know what is good for you, descendant of the wizards that imprisoned Maligore." Lerigot sighed deeply, hoping that Maligore was in a good mood.

On the cliff, Adam noticed through his Turbo Tracking binoculars that Divatox was heading for the volcano at the center of the island. "Man," Adam commented, "she has a great lead on us."

"We'd better keep the zords here," Tommy commented, "and continue on foot."

"I think it's time," Robert commented.

"Shift into Turbo!" Tommy shouted, as the six Rangers that were their activated their Turbo Morphers and keys. Locking the key into the morpher, each called out for the power needed

to save the day.

(VX: Cue computerized morphing sequence.)

(This sequence is different from the movie because it is still in the old order.)

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!" Katherine shouted, as she spread her arms apart. A small headlight buckle appeared, and her pink helmet formed over her head.

"Dune Star Turbo Power!" Tanya shouted, as her yellow suit appeared, followed by her helmet.

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" Justin cried out, as his blue uniform formed, then increased his height by one foot, to mach Rocky's size. _Talk about a growth spurt!_ Justin thought.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!" Adam shouted, as his green uniform appeared.

"Red Lightning Turbo Power!" Tommy shouted, as his red helmet locked into place, taking a few seconds longer than the others.

"Rainbow Off-Roader Turbo Power!" Robert shouted, with a touch of anger. His uniform appeared, followed by a rainbow helmet.

The Turbo Rangers began to run off towards the volcano, gaining speed along the way. Soon, they were travelling at nearly thirty miles an hour across the dense jungle. "Sure beats walking,"

Adam commented, as they stopped in front of the temple, and noticed Divatox waiting for

Lerigot to open the gate.

"Open it now!" Divatox demanded, as Lerigot was released. Pointing his staff at the gate, a golden ball of magic walked the path and opened the door. "Follow me," she commented, "to victory!" The Rangers looked around for any other way to enter the temple. Justin, looking at

some branches, found a secret passage behind the temple, leading to where the Rangers were.

"Over here, guys!" Justin shouted, as the other Rangers followed Tommy into the cave.

"Good work, Justin," Tommy commented, as they walked into the temple.

In the temple, the Malagai began to pay their respect to their evil lord, by bowing in reverence and

chanting Maligore's name. "Worship me!" Divatox demanded, as she placed the tributes over the Pit of Eternal Flame. "Servants of Maligore," Divatox began, addressing the Malagai, "it has come time to release Maligore from his prison. Lerigot has paid for his ancestors' crimes, and now it is time for Maligore to rise once again and serve evil! In the name of Divatox, I command Maligore to come forth and except his tributes, to untie their good hearts with his evil spirit, to corrupt their minds to evil, and to join with me in matrimony so that we can rule the universe

together!" The Malagai, Rygog and Elgar cheered, as the Rangers found the temple. "Ready?"

Tommy said, as everyone else nodded. "Let's go," he shouted, as the Rangers entered the temple.

Divatox was surprised by the entrance of the Rangers. "Who allowed you to enter such a place as this?" Divatox demanded. "We're sorry we had to crash the party, Divatox," Tommy commented, "but it seems you forgot to mail a few invitations to your wedding." "Who are these people who dare to challenge me?" Divatox asked in a fit of rage. "Rangers," Kimberly commented, "this is Divatox. Divatox, this is your worst nightmare." "Robbie?" Melissa asked, looking at the Ranger in rainbow. "Let them go!" demanded Robert. "I'll let them go," Divatox commented shrewdly, "right into the volcano! Lower away! Get them!"

The Malagai attacked, holding the Rangers at bay, while Justin attended to the crank that was lowering the three Rangers into the pit. "Stop that now," Justin demanded, pushing one of the crankers away, as the Malagai continued the fight, winning a slight advantage, until Robert attacked, sending two warriors to the ground. Justin was then pushed aside, as the three hostages

were slowly lowered into the pit. "Maligore," Divatox pleaded, "infuse them with your evil presence, so that they may defeat my enemies!" The three hostages slowly disappeared into the pit, as Lerigot and his family watched in horror. The Rangers turned the Malagai away temporarily, as a gush of lava appeared, and then the three hostages stood on the edge of the pit.

Red eyes flashed briefly, as three sets of shackles were burst. Kimberly attacked Tommy and Katherine, while Jason attacked Adam and Justin. Tanya tried to kick Melissa, but it was Melissa who hit Tanya, sending her to the ground. Jason hit Justin, causing him to fall to the ground, as Katherine and Tommy looked at Kimberly. "Kimberly," Tommy commented, trying to talk sense to Kimberly, "don't you remember us? We're your friends!" "I have no friends," Kimberly commented in a devilishly female voice. "We can help you," Tommy pleaded, as Kimberly shoved him out of the way. "No one can help you now," Kimberly commented, looking at Katherine.

"Please, don't do this!" Katherine pleaded, as Jason attacked Tommy. "I can do whatever I please, now that I have the power inside of me," Kimberly declared. "It is not the power you once had," Katherine explained. "I know," Kimberly responded, "but this is much more dangerous than what you possess now. And, by the way, sweetie, pink is out."

Kimberly, after making the most degrading remark possible about her former color, kicked Katherine into the ground. Meanwhile, Robert tried to plead with Kimberly, as Jason began to hold Tommy over the pit. "Now I am the one with the power and the muscles!" Jason shouted in a savage voice. "But not the brains," Tommy commented, turning the tables on Jason, as Kimberly backed away from Katherine.

"Don't do this," Robert pleaded, as he blocked Melissa's attacks. "Maligore demands that you go down, Ranger," Melissa commented in an evil voice, "and you will go down. Soon, I will be the only rainbow that is left that will guide evil to its destiny." "Not if I can help it," Robert responded, looking at Melissa's eyes. "Golden power, held me," Robert pleaded, "free Melissa from this evil spell!" A golden blast shocked Melissa, but she continued to attack.

"Is that the best you can do?" She asked, attacking her husband at will.

Lerigot looked at the situation around him, and found that time was of the essence: not only

was he slowly dying, but also, Alpha's friends were losing. Looking at his wife, he communicated a single thought to her: _We must help them._ Lerigot and his wife concentrated, and fired a golden bolt of magic at Kimberly, freeing her from the evil spell. "Thanks," Kimberly commented to Lerigot, aiding Katherine up, and joining in the attack. "Lerigot," Robert pleaded, "help me!"

Another ball of magic found its mark, and Melissa stood there in shock. "Where am I?" she asked, looking around. "Welcome to Muranthias, home of Maligore," Robert responded, recalling that he had left the other morpher in his zord. "Stay there," Robert responded, "I'll be right back." As Robert ran off, Jason continued to attack, as a third a final bolt of magic cured him. Jason and Kimberly then freed Lerigot and his family, and left.

Elgar, noticing that the dowry was done, asked Divatox, "With your perfect candidates gone, what

will you do?" "They are not all gone," Divatox commented, as she pushed Elgar into the pit.

"Talk about not liking someone," Melissa responded, as Robert returned. Suddenly, the pit

exploded, and lava poured out. "Here," Robert puffed, "take this. It's your new morpher.

Shift into turbo, Rainbow off-roader turbo power." Melissa shrugged, and touched the morpher, and understood what Robert meant. "Shift into turbo!" Melissa shouted, and the form of Maligore began to appear.

"Rainbow Off-Roader Turbo Power!" Melissa shouted, spreading her arms out. As the new uniform and helmet appeared, Maligore stood in the pit, nearly touching the roof of the temple.

"I don't like the looks of this," Adam commented, as Robert backed up. "What do we do now?"

Robert asked. "We've got to lure him outside," Tommy responded. "Maybe we can use our zords on him," Adam realized. "First things first," Robert commented, "what about lava-breath here?" "Let's break out the hardware!" Justin shouted. "The power weapons?" Tommy asked,

and then responded, "of course!"

"Turbo Wind Fire!" Katherine shouted, creating a bow to use.

"Turbo Star Charges!" Tanya cried out, as two U-shaped firing mechanisms appeared.

"Turbo Hand Blasters!" Justin shouted, holding two pistols in his hands.

"Turbo Thunder Cannon!" Adam shouted, holding a large cannon in both hands.

"Turbo Lightning Sword!" Tommy shouted, holding a large sword with a cone below it.

"Turbo Rainbow Sword!" Robert and Melissa shouted in unison, holding two metallic boxes.

Each was cut irregularly, to allow a blade to come forth.

"Fire!" Tommy shouted, as they tried to hit Maligore with everything they had, while Divatox ran off, listening to Rita's advice. Adam, not properly in the correct stance for cannon use, fell to the ground, and was about to be stomped by Maligore, when he shouted, "Look, your bride's leaving!" Maligore, turning around, headed out, looking for Divatox.

"Works every time," Adam commented, standing. "Are you okay?" Tommy asked.

"Yes," Adam responded, as the Rangers left to get to their zords.

Part VII - The Final Lap

Divatox ran out, as Maligore crushed his way through the mountain. Kimberly, Jason, Lerigot and his family ran into Bulk and Skull, and decided to stay put. Maligore suddenly became very angry, and roared in defiance of Divatox. Suddenly, there was an explosion, and Malgore was now gigantic. Divatox looked up, and shouted, "When we get home, you're going on a diet!"

The Turbozords, running at their highest speed, barely made it to the volcano in time to see

Maligore grow. "He's huge!" Katherine shouted. "Which makes him easier to take down," Tommy responded. "Initiating Megaturbozord sequence," he responded, as each zord was called


"Wind Chaser, ready," Katherine responded.

"Dune Star, ready," Tanya responded.

"Mountain Blaster, ready," Justin acknowledged.

"Desert Thunder, ready." Adam responded.

"Rainbow Off-Roader, ready to help out," Robert responded.

"Red Lightning ready." Tommy responded, "Initiating assembly, now!"

The Turbozords were zapped by magic, causing them to grow. Suddenly, the zords were covered

by hundreds of small bumps. "Man," Robert responded, looking at the zords, "that looks ugly."

"I thought Zordon had everything covered," Melissa responded. "I guess not," Robert quipped, as they watched the Megaturbozord form.

Wind Chaser split into two pieces, and each half's front end turned around to form arms.

Meanwhile, small gears popped out, locking the zord into Mountain Blaster.

"Go, Power Rangers Turbo!

Go, Power Rangers Turbo!

Go, Power Rangers Turbo!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh..." -Super Power

Dune Star and Desert Thunder's rear ends extended out, as their grills lowered, locking into place with Mountain Blaster. The feet and arms of the Megazord were ready, as the rear of the Mountain Blaster, lowered, and a ramp came out, readying for Red Lightning to drive up.

"Red Lightning, coming in," Tommy responded, as he drove his zord up the ramp, and locked it into place. Turbo jet boosters were employed to make the zord stand, as Red Lightning lowered its rear end, and Mountain Blasters top lights locked into place. The head of the Megaturbozord

was shown, and the lights in the center of the zord let up. All was ready for the battle.

Malgore rushed the zord, getting a few punches in. "That's my man!" Divatox commented, as the Rangers retalliated. "Maybe we should join them," Melissa commented. "Not yet," Robert

responded, as Maligore shot fire at the Megaturbozord, causing all inside to feel the heat.

"I'm burning up in here!" Adam shouted, as Tommy activated the Turbomegasword and Defense

Shield. Maligore attacked again, causing the shield to drop. Tommy tried to use the Turbo Jets to finish Maligore, but Maligore sidestepped the oncoming zord, as punched the sword out of the

Megaturbozord. "That does it!" Robert shouted, "Warrior mode, now!"

"Turbo Rainbow Ranger,

Turbo Rainbow Ranger!

Racing Rainbow, dashing 'cross the ground,

look at your past and see what you've found.

Racing Rainbow, dashing cross the sky,

hoping for that one day when you can fly."

The Rainbow Off-Roader grew, and began to separate slightly. The front of the zord became

the feet, and the back rear wheels became arms. The cabin folded down as the zord stood, forming a head, as the warrior mode joined the fray. "I hope we've got some weapons," Robert

responded, "because Maligore has come to play." "Turbo Rainbow Sword activated," Melissa responded, "Turborangs ready." "What is a Turborang?" Robert asked, as Melissa launched one at Maligore. A flash of light, shaped like a boomerang hit Maligore, but did not phase him.

"I like it," Robert responded, "remind me to ask Zordon about having it as one of our weapons when we morph." Melissa activated the Turbo Rainbow Sword, as Robert returned the Turbo

Sword and Shield to the Megaturbozord.

(Obviously, this is different.)

The two zords attacked, but Maligore fought them both off, blasting them both with fire.

Not even the Rainbow Sword made a dent in the lava-like armor of Maligore. "We need a new

tactic," Robert responded. "Spinning Turbo Shield!" Tommy shouted, as the Turbomegazord

fired its shield, missing Maligore. "We've got to force him into the water," Melissa responded,

"if we're to have any chance." "I see," Justin responded, "hopefully, we can cool him off enough to turn him into rock, and then we can hit him." "Is this kid smart or what?" Robert responded.


Maligore continued the assault, forcing the two zords to defend instead of attack. Maligore continued to barrage the zords with fire, driving the internal temperatures through the roof.

"It's no use," Tommy responded, "we can't make any headway, much less drive him back."

Melissa thought, and wondered, "I wonder if Zordon included a Megarainbowzord in his design."

"It might work," Robert responded, looking for a lever or a switch, but finding none. Melissa

checked all over the cockpit of the zord, and found no trace of any switches or levers.

"We've got to start thinking like Zordon would," Robert commented, checking the steering wheel,

"If you wanted to hide a secret keyhole or lever, where would you put it?" "Aha!" Melissa

responded, looking beside the steering wheel, "In the most obvious place." "The ignition!" Robert shouted. Robert pulled his key out of his morpher, hoping that the morph would hold.

When it did, he tried the key, but nothing happened. Melissa tried her key, and failed.

"They're being creamed out there!" Robert shouted, "We've got to try to unite our keys."

Melissa handed Robert her key, and Robert tried to unite them, but failed. Melissa

tried, and also failed. Maligore then caused the Megaturbozord to fall to the ground, and stood over it, so that it would not be able to stand. "Finish them now!" Divatox commanded, as Robert

concentrated, and held the keys together. At first, nothing happened, but Lerigot had one more trick up his sleeve before he fainted: He gave enough of his magic so that the two rainbow

keys could unite, but stay separate, if need be. Upon doing so, a golden glow absorbed the two keys, as they united into one. Robert pulled them apart, and then merged them again.

"Thank you, Lerigot," Robert commented, as he inserted the key, and turned it as if he was

turning the Rainbow Off-Roader's engine on.

Red Lightning suddenly backed out of its lock, returning to car form, as the Rainbow Off-Roader

ran up the ramp, and united with Mountain Blaster. Wind Chaser moved up to the other truck's wheels, as another ramp was formed. Tommy drove Red Lightning up the second ramp, uniting with the other truck, as the boosters kicked in. The off-road truck's lights locked, as the head was shown again, and a new set of lights flashed in the colors of the Rangers. "Welcome aboard," Tommy responded to Robert and Melissa. "Welcome to the Turbomegarainbowzord," Robert

commented, as he began to attack Maligore. Everything that the new Turbomegarainbowzord tried to do only ired Maligore more, as he punched the new zord closer to the volcano.

"If we get any closer," Tommy responded, "I don't think we'll survive." "I know," Robert responded, blasting Maligore with everything he had. Melissa tried the Turborangs, but even they failed. "Turbo Rainbow Sword!" Robert shouted, as the sword appeared in the right hand of the new zord.

Maligore flinched, as the Turbomegarainbowzord blasted the monstrous foe with every sort of energy available from black to white and back again, forcing Maligore to turn around and backpedal towards the cliff and the ocean. "No," Divatox shouted, "attack, attack, attack!"

Maligore tried to attack, but each attack was parried by the Turbo Shield, as Melissa joined the

Turborangs into a cross-like shape and fired. The blade hit Maligore, weakening him enough to be tripped over the edge. As he fell, Divatox screamed in horror. A sudden hissing sound passed, and then, there was silence. One minute later, Maligore leapt out of the water, attacking with even greater force, but this time without a fire attack. Even the volcano from which Maligore

sprang was dormant. "He's cooled off!" Adam shouted. "He's turned to stone!" Justin replied, "How about that?" "Kickin in the turbo jets. Full power, now!" Robert responded, as he pressed

a button.

Suddenly, the Turbomegarainbowzord dashed at Maligore, picking up incredible speed, until the

Turbo Rainbow Sword struck, slicing through the stony body of Maligore. Maligore screamed

in pain and horror, as a Turborang sliced through the cut, dividing Maligore evenly in two.

Maligore roared in defiance, and then exploded into flames.

Then, the volcano erupted, in the full fury of Maligore's wrath after defeat. "I can't believe this," Divatox complained, leaving with Rygog, "look at all the money I've spent, all the plastic surgery,

all the fancy items and the sub. I never got married, I never destroyed the Rangers, and I never

even got a honeymoon!" Divatox began to weep in sorrow, swearing revenge silently at the Rangers as she walked away. After the volcano died down, Kimberly, Jason, Bulk, Skull, Lerigot and his family stood near the zord, cheering victory. "That was awesome!" Justin shouted, as the Rangers also cheered. "Hello up there!" Kimberly shouted. "Someone call for a lift?" Robert

responded, lowering an arm to pick up the passengers. "All aboard!" Robert shouted, carefully grasping the hostages that were freed, "Next stop, Angel Grove!"

Epilogue 1: After the Race

At the Martial Arts Tournament, Katherine, Tanya, and Justin sat in the stands, waiting for the match to begin. Kat had noticed Ernie elsewhere in the stands, also watching the match. Robert

was standing alongside Rocky, who had been released from the hospital after surgery and some healing, and the sensei of the Angel Grove Team.

"Remember," the announcer stated, "the first team to score three points wins the match, and the check for twenty-five thousand dollars. Angel Grove, are your ready?" The Angel Grove team

of Tommy, Adam and Jason bowed. "Stone Canyon, are you ready?" Three unknown people

bowed. The referee asked for the bell, and the match began.

The Stone Canyon team tried their best to dodge the other team, but Adam scored first, knocking

one member down. "One point, Angel Grove!" the announcer shouted. "By the way," Rocky

asked Robert, "where is Melissa?" "She wanted to talk to Kimberly about staying here awhile, before Kimberly left for Florida and then for Paris," Robert responded, sighing, as Jason scored the second point. "One more point, and Angel Grove wins the match," The announcer stated, as

Jason, Tanya and Katherine cheered. Tommy faked out one member of the opposing team, and sent him to the mat, winning the match for Angel Grove. The sensei slapped Rocky on the back, causing pain to Rocky. "Sorry, Rocky," the coach responded, as up in the stands, Tanya stood, and Justin hugged Katherine. (Yes, I recall where his head was.)

"The winner of the match," The announcer declared, "is Angel Grove!" Everyone cheered, as the

trophy was given to Jason, and the check was presented to the entire team. "Well," Katherine

commented, "it looks like we'll be getting the new home for you soon, Justin." Justin smiled,

and went into the ring, as Robert shook his friends' hands, and Justin was held up in victory.

"We did it!" Justin shouted, as all the Rangers and all of Angel Grove celebrated.

"Come on everybody, let's rock and roll,

Come on, let's rock and roll.

Come on everybody, let's rock and roll,

it's time to rock and roll!" - Superpower

(This is where the movie ends. However, the fanfic goes on just a little longer.)

Epilogue 2 - "Maybe I will stay"

Melissa was the only one who wanted to go with Kimberly to the airport, and the only one to see

her on her way. _I don't really like these tournaments, Melissa thought, _besides, I know that

Robbie will tell me what happened. I have more important things to discuss._ "Kimberly!' Melissa shouted, "Wait!" "What for?" Kimberly retaliated, "Lerigot freed me from the spell, I freed Lerigot, and I helped the Rangers out. All in all, I think I deserve to leave." "Why, then are you leaving?" Melissa asked, "Are you over Tommy?" Kimberly nodded. "Are you scared that you may never be a Ranger again?" "No," Kimberly stated. "There's so much of your past here

that I think you're also running away from, instead of confronting it," Melissa pleaded, "I'm just

begging you to reconsider." Kimberly stopped at the gate, and thought about her own past, about losing her father, about being a Ranger, and having friends like Tommy and Melissa, and Kimberly paused, wondering which way to go.

"Here I stand, between the past that I have known,

and a future, which I know is unknown.

Where do I go? What can I say?

Can I really go? Can I really stay?

What of my past? What does it mean to me?

What of my dreams, of who I want to be?

Is away from here so bad,

that I have to run away?

Maybe I will stay,

for just a little while.

Maybe I will stay,

and give this place my smile.

Someday, I know, I'll go away,

but for now,

for now...

Maybe I will stay."

Kimberly sighed, as the song passed through her mind, a song without music, without notes to keep it company.

"Here I stand, singing inside a song,

no music it has,

to help it along.

No words, to keep it company.

Then I look back, and wonder if it's me.

What about my song? About the words I cannot sing?

What about my love, and the trouble it will bring?

If I leave now, I take my past away.

But if I stay...

But if I stay..

What about my future and all that I can be?

Here I stand not moving, looking back at me.

She was all I dreamed, and all that I could be.

But now that I'm alone, what about me?

Maybe I will stay.

Maybe I will stay,

for just a little while.

Maybe I will stay,

and give this place my smile.

Someday, I know, I'll go away,

but for now,

for now...

Maybe I will stay."

"Last call for flight two twenty-three for Florida," announced the stewardess, as Kimberly

recalled when she first left. She wished that she could have turned around and stayed.

This time, she realized, she had a second chance. Kimberly walked to Melissa, handed her the

tickets to Florida, and replied, "Throw these away. I think that this time, maybe, I can stay."

"The first time that I left here, I was so sad,

I could not turn back the clock because I was so mad.

Now, I have a second chance, and if things will go my way,

I'll give my dreams to someone else, and maybe I can stay."

"You made the right choice," Melissa responded, taking Kimberly to Melissa's car, "Now, let's go home, let's go to your old home, my old home, and your old home." Kimberly nodded in

agreement: It was indeed time to go back to Angel Grove, her former home.

Maybe I will stay,

for just a little while.

Maybe I will stay,

and give this place my smile.

Someday, I know, I'll go away,

but for now,

for now...

Maybe I will stay."

Maybe I will stay,

for just a little while.

Maybe I will stay,

and give this place my smile.

Someday, I know, I'll go away,

but for now,

for now...

Maybe I will stay."

"Someday, I know, I'll go away from home,

but for now,

for now...

Maybe I will stay...

Maybe I will stay, now that I'm not alone.

now that I'm not alone."



Some races are won with skill and daring, others are won with words, or with the mind. Today, the race between good and evil has been won by good, who have found the first flag. This was not an easy victory. Team members had to change, and so did the vehicles. Yet, through all this,

yes, all of the turns, spins, crashes, mistakes, and errors, the victors remain strong, learning from victory, while evil, the loser, seeks to learn from its mistakes and win the next race.

As good and evil continue along the road towards the finish line, who knows how many races will

be run, who know what changes will occur, and who knows what will happen? That is the mystery of life, the only race that is run every day, and with every day there comes a victory either by good or by evil. One will savor it, and learn from it, and the other will try to redeem for the loss. Only through careful planning and safe decisions can we truly see that the race

belongs to those the know how to truly react to any situation.

The Race has ended...

...but the championship is far from awarded.